Anti Wrinkle Treatment 


Constant movement of our facial muscles cause dynamic lines. Over time, these lines become static, or etched lines. Anti Wrinkle treatments are used to soften or prevent line formation. The naturally occurring protein Botulinum Toxin is purified for clinical use and injected in to the muscle inhibiting movement. Anti Wrinkle injections are a quick, simple non-surgical cosmetic treatment of prescription-only medication administered by a registered and experienced medical injector


Anti Wrinkle Treatment Areas


Soften lines seen when raising eyebrows, frowning and in the upper face while smiling.  These lines are known as 'worry lines' of the forehead and 'eleven lines' between the eyebrows. Anti Wrinkle can also be used to soften 'bunny lines', wrinkling at the top of the nose


If you feel you 'look sad' as your smile in pulling down, Anti Wrinkle can relax the muscles that pull the mouth corner downwards. 

Correction of a Gummy Smile involves treating the muscles above the lip that expose excessive gum tissue when smiling 


Smooth the 'orange peel' appearance and relax midline creasing seen in strong chins


The Neferiti Lift is known as the non-surgical lower face lift. Platysmal Band muscles pull down the lower face causing 'turkey neck' and exaggerating the appearance of neck sagging, or jowls. A Nefertiti Lift improves jawline definition, relaxes the jowls and provides an upward lift to the neck and jaw area. 


Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is an unpleasant and debilitating subconscious habit for many. Treatment with Anti Wrinkle of the massater muscle can give relief to those suffering jaw pain and headaches caused by clenching and grinding. Treatment of the massater muscles also slims the jaw area, creating a heart shaped face


Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a common but often difficult problem to manage. Anti Wrinkle can be used to block nerve conduction to the sweat glands preventing the production of sweat for 5-6 months. This treatment can be performed on underarms, palms and the soles of feet


Dermal Filler


As we age, we lose volume, fat, bone and collagen in the face. This leads to hollows, wrinkles and facial 'flattening' . This process begins in our late 20's! Dermal Fillers can be used in almost any area of the face to restore and revolumise skin and facial contours to form a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Dermal Fillers are a gel-like cross linked synthetic material made from Hyaluronic Acid, a natural component of our own skin. Facial Rejuvenation treats deep, static lines

Lip Augmentation


Lips really are the Superstar of the face. Dermal Fillers can be used to enhance and augment the shape and size of lips or correct asymmetries. Lips, like the rest of the face, lose volume over time. Restoring this volume leads to a lush and youthful appearance of the mid face. Lip enhancement should be proportionate, with upper and lower lips balanced and harmonious, appearing naturally full without over-inflation. 


PDO Threading


Thread lifts, ‘threading’ or ‘PDO threads’ have become a minimally invasive alternative to a facelift for patients who are not ready to undergo more aggressive treatment options. Although the effects from a thread lift will be approximately 18 months in duration and not as dramatic as a facelift, improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be seen both immediately and gradually as the procedure stimulates natural collagen production. PDO sutures are a type of material used for thread lifts. PDO, which stands for polydioxanone, is a long lasting, absorbable polymer that is flexible and durable. PDO thread lifts, come in a variety of textures. There are three main textures of PDO sutures: mono, cog, and screw threads. Mono threads are singular, smooth sutures that are anchored to the face that provide a small lift to the face. Cog threads have a barbed texture that provide better lift and increased collagen production. Screw threads have 1-2 intertwined threads which provide volume to the treated area. This procedure is particularly effective for lifting the brow and eye area, creating a more open eye, lifted brow or‘fox eyes’

Multiple threads can be inserted through the same point in the skin. As many as 20 threads may be inserted depending on the treatment area and concern being addressed. Recovery is minimal after a PDO thread lift procedure. Most patients are able to resume activity immediately, although bruising is common. The goal of a PDO thread lift is to reposition facial and neck tissues to restore and rejuvenate youthful proportions and appearances to the face

PDO Thread Lift addresses concerns such as:



Heavy brows/eyes

Fine lines and static wrinkles

Nasolabial folds

Facial skin laxity

Neck and jawline definition

Skin Boosters


Skin Boosters are a dermal filler designed to be injected superficially into the surface of the skin to produce skin hydration and glow.

Skin Boosters are micro-injections of dermal fillers in the skin. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, they are not injected beneath the skin to volumise or shape the face.  Instead, they are very fine dermal fillers that are injected into the skin to hydrate and improve skin quality. This type of dermal filler can be injected over large treatment areas of the face, neck, and hands to increase the skin’s hydration quality.  During the treatment, the multiple injections activate the fibroblasts promoting new collagen and elastin formation The result is healthy-looking, glowing, and plump skin.

Benefits of the skin booster treatment:

  • The dermal fillers used are very fluid, so the final result is smooth.

  • With the production of new collagen and elastin, patients can expect firmer and more youthful skin.

  • The treatment is suitable for most patients and skin types

  • Gold standard skin hydrator for radiant and glowing skin

Is it painful?

A strong topical anesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment. Minor redness resolves within 6 hours. 

What is PCDC?
Phosphatidycholine (PPC) is a naturally occurring substance within the body that comprises up to 60% of cell membranes, facilitates cell membrane transport, and is a component in bile that is responsible for emulsifying the fat we consume in our diet for absorption. The PPC used in most injectable fat reducing formulas is derived from the soybean lecithin. Deoxycholate, present in the body as sodium deoxycholate, is a bile salt that functions to make PPC soluble in water. It acts as a detergent and also aids in the breakdown of fat consumed in our diet. 


How does it work?

First, the injected solution disrupts the fat cell membrane. This causes the cells to burst, releasing their enzymes and fatty content. Second, an inflammatory response ensures, allowing the debris to be “cleaned up” by the macrophages that have migrated to the area. This inflammation is responsible for the redness and soreness but also allows for tissue retraction. Lastly, new collagen is deposited in the area, causing skin retraction with denser, firmer skin character. The fat and cellular debris that are removed are collected as waste and excreted through the body’s normal metabolic pathways, through the urinary and bowel systems.

Any activity restrictions after treatment?

For the first 48 hours after treatment, vigorous physical activity or exercise is not recommended. After that time period, playing sports or exercising is acceptable.

Fat Dissolve


  • Fat Dissolve involves injecting TGA approved medication Phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (PCDC) which are injected locally into the targeted treatment areas. The fat cells absorb the PCDC and become slightly inflamed and then harden.

  • Side effects of fat dissolving injections are rare. You may experience swelling, bruising, itching, pain, sensitivity to pressure and excessive warmth at the injection site however, this is usually resolved within three to five days.  

  • How does Fat Dissolve work?
    Phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (PCDC) injections are delivered into the targeted treatment areas. The fat cells absorb the PCDC and become slightly inflamed and then harden. The hardened fat cells break down within a few weeks and are eliminated via the body’s natural processes.

What body parts can be treated and how often?

Areas that can be treated with Fat Dissolve are most commonly the ‘double chin’. However it can also be used on inner and outer thighs, buttocks, and love handles, back of the arms, the upper and lower abdomen, the jowls, knees.


Are the treatments painful? What are the side effects?
There may be some localized discomfort upon injection, and a minor burning sensation immediately following the treatment. Swelling will occur in the treated area, and soreness and inflammation may be experienced for several days after treatment. It is important to bear in mind that these inflammatory side effects produce a tighter and smoother overlying skin, which is highly desirable. Your fat area becoming firm is a sign the treatment is working. As your body breaks down the treated fat cells, they are excreted through the body’s normal metabolic process.


When will I see results?
On the average, patients begin to see noticeable improvement after 2-4 weeks. While many experience results sooner, we cannot guarantee this. For the first several weeks while the body’s inflammatory response is prominent, you may feel “bloated” in the treated area. This is expected and only temporary. Once the body begins metabolizing the fat, contour improvement occurs.


Is it permanent?